Refurb.Glass are technical specialists in high level & difficult access glass replacements to building facades, atriums, rooflights and canopies. 

Our Operations Team is made up from some of the most experienced technical, time served, professionals within the commercial glazing industry. 

Commercial Glass Replacement

For over 30 years, the team at Refurb.Glass have completed glass replacements on many of the UK’s most prestigious buildings, working alongside leading facility management, landlords and construction companies.

Glass Replacement Commercial

Regardless of height or location of the glasswhich requires replacing, as a company we have most certainly completed similar commercial glass replacements in the past. 

Over the years our site teams have worked with challenging access glass replacements be it over railway lines, on water, above busy roads or airside at one of the UK’s airports, so we are able to use this expertise on your glass replacement requirements.

Commercial Glass Replacement Broken Failed Glass

Our leak detection and repair service, firstly, includes the stripping back of the leaking glazing area. 

Secondly, installing back-up membranes, new system compatible EPDM weather gaskets Lastly, installing new fixings and the application of purpose designed sealants. All of our leak ingress repair works are carried out by our experienced team of glazing technicians. This means, minimal disruption to building occupants.

Project Management Glass Replacement

Our project team and site managers are able to specify safe method of works to conduct your glass replacements, causing minimal disruptions to the client and the daily operational running of the building.

Our teams are experienced and set to undertake works outside of normal working hours, utilising specialist access and lifting equipment to safely complete the works.

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