Shopping Centre repair glass

Did you know that 95% of customers are influenced by a business’s exterior and that 52% feel that if the exterior of a shopfront looks uninviting, they would be deterred from entering the store? 

Refurb.Glass currently maintain, refurbish and repair many of UK's largest and most prestigious shopping centres. We work directly with the Centres themselves or with their Landlords or Facility Management provider. 

Shopping centre glazing repair replacement

We are often called out to fix broken glass or water leaks. Whilst we complete this work we also look at introducing an annual glazing survey to allow these incidents to be prevented before they happen.  

Refurb.Glass inspect, clean, repair or replace all types of glazing found on shopping centre glass. Whether it be, at height or challenging to access.

Shopping Centre Glass Replacement Water Leaks

Refurb.Glass do not need to be the original installers or fabricators of the glazing system in order to conduct the required repairs or planned maintenance. 

Contact us today to discuss how we can keep your Shopping Centre Glass leak free, clean and safe. 

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