Rooflight repair maintenance before and after

Rooflights are now a common in commercial buildings due to their effective use of daylight and energy efficiency. 

Many large projects are now installing them. Reason being, that they can successfully reduce the carbon footprint in an effortless, cost-effective way. 

However, rooflights can become damaged or faulty. When those issues develop, you should organise a rooflight repair as soon as you can.

Rooflight repair maintenance refurbishment

How can I spot a problem?

These defects can occur if they are not properly maintained through the years and materials do tend to weaken over the course of 15+ years. It’s easy to spot a simple issue but it’s always best to organise an inspection to deliberate your next move for the rooflight maintenance. 

When you arrange an inspection, Refurb.Glass may simply advise that the roof lights need simple maintenance or repair to decrease damage risk and extend the longevity. 

Glass rooflight refurbishment replacement

Annual site surveys will help ensure the durability of the industrial roof light is up to standard. Then your business can operate without disruption.

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